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Original book author: Kirsten Boie

Screenplay:  Jens M. Merz / John Chambers / Eckart Fingberg / Stefanie Schütz / Ishel U. Eichler

Director: Eckart Fingberg

Dramaturgy: Jörg Zimmermann

Design: Michael Hülse / Hans Devolder / Robert Brandt

Producer: blue eyes Fiction

Co-producers: Beta, ZDF

Broadcaster: KIKA/ZDF


First broadcast: Season 1: April 2011 on KIKA / ZDF

                                Season 2: May 2012 on KIKA / ZDF


Season 1:

Trenk is a young brave serf who lives in a small German kingdom during the Middle Ages and he doesn’t want him and his family to live like serfs. And so it comes that Trenk, with his little piglet in tow, travels to town to became a knight and to free his family from the feudal system.

Season 2:

Trenk is trained as a page at the court of the knight of Hohenlob. There he learns about the exciting tasks of a knight, experiences many adventures - and in the end even has to stand up to a dangerous dragon.


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