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Genre: Family Entertainment

Original book author: KNISTER

Screenplay:  Stefan Ruzowitzky / Armin Toerkell / Ralph Martin

Director:  Stefan Ruzowitzky


Producer:  blue eyes Fiction / TRIXTER Productions

Co-Producer: Dor Film (AT) / Steinweg Emotion Pictures (ES) / Classic SRL (IT) / Buena Vista International Filmproduction / Babelsberg Film

Distribution: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures


Theatrical release: 19.02.2009


It’s all about how everything began. Our heroine Lilly (Alina Freund) is a completely normal ten-year-old girl, until suddenly one day a book of magic accompanied by its guardian Hector (voice of Michael Mittermeier), a small and clumsy dragon, appear in her room. Surulunda (Pilar Bardem), a Secret Witch from the world of magic, has designated Lilly to be her successor and Hector to explain the job. But first Lilly must prove within 99 hours that she is worthy of this burden. The magic book holds the promise of many exciting adventures but also of grave danger through the evil magician Hieronymus (Ingo Naujoks) and his wish to rule the world. Lilly must confront Hieronymus and prove that she has what it takes to become the new Secret Witch. And as if all of this is not enough, Lilly is forced to rush to the aid of her little brother Leon (Sami Herzog), who recklessly places himself directly in harm’s way…

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