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Genre: Family Entertainment

Original book author: Knister

Screenplay:  Bettine & Achim von Borries

Director:  Harald Sicheritz


Producer:  blue eyes Fiction

Co-producers: Trixter Productions, Buena Vista International Film Production, Dor Film, Steinweg Emotion Pitcures, Studio Babelsberg Motion Pictures, Mini Film, Classic, On the Road, Studio Babelsberg

Distribution: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures


Theatrical release: 17.02.2011


The throne of Mandolan is bewitched - a huge problem for the grand vizier Guliman (Jürgen Tarrach) who wants to enthrone himself as the new king of Mandolan. As his mean court - sorcerer Abrash (Ercan Durmaz) is helpless in the matter he calls for Lilly (Alina Freund) for help. But a super witch cannot be beceived: Lilly senses a conspiracy. With the support of the smart street urchin Musa (Tanay Chheda) and her companion Hector (Voice of Michael Mittermeier), who helplessly falls in love with a cute Djinnie in a bottle named Suki (Cosma Shiva Hagen), Lilly conquers the palace guards of Guliman, mortal deserts and worst of all: her own fears in the forbidden city to free the noble King of Mandolan and his people from the tyranny of Guliman!

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