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Genre: Family Entertainment


Original book author: KNISTER

Screenplay:  Gerrit Hermans

Director:  Wolfgang Groos


Producer:  blue eyes Fiction, Trixter Productions

Co-producers: Dor Film (AT), Potemkino (BE), Minifilm, Universum Film, MMC Movies Köln


Distribution: Universum Film


Theatrical release: 05.11.2017

Lilli (Hedda Erlebach) is annoyed: she always has to be considerate of her little brother Leon (Claudio Magno)! His allergy prevents her from having a rabbit as a pet, and when he also destroys her new telescope, which Santa Claus (actually Lilli's grandmother with a sticky beard) has just brought, Lilli has enough! Despite the warnings of her little green dragon Hektor (voice of Michael Mittermeier), she uses a saying from her witch book and conjures Knecht Ruprecht (Jürgen Vogel) from the Middle Ages into her world so that he can teach Leon a little lesson ... The conjuring magic works, But when Ruprecht went into business for himself in today's world to look for his friend Nikolaus, Lilli got a lot of trouble. He lets one of Lilli's teachers disappear and slowly develops back into the creature from the underworld that he was before St. Nicholas appeased him. Now only the real Saint Nicholas from the Middle Ages can help. But how is Lilli supposed to find him? While she and her classmate Layla are conjuring up in Ruprecht's time, Ruprecht is still up to mischief in Lilli's town and Christmas is in serious danger. Now Lilli needs all her courage and brains to make up for her mistake and save Christmas for her family and everyone in her town ...

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