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Genre: Family Entertainment

Original book author: Sabine Ludwig
Screenplay: Gerrit Hermans
Director: Granz Henman

Producer: blue eyes Fiction
Co-producers: Karibufilm, MINI Film (AT), Filmvergnuegen (I), Potemkino Port bvba (BE), WS Filmproduktion, ARRI Media GmbH

Distribution: DCM Distribution GmbH

Theatrical release: 2021


Felix (Oskar Keymer) learns how to shrink people from the in-house school ghost (Otto Waalkes)  himself so that he can protect the school founder’s magic collection on the school trip. Unfortunately, he fails to notice that he is playing into the hands of the evil Hulda Stingbeard (Andrea Sawatzki) when he shrinks his friends (Lina Hüesker, Maximilian Ehrenreich, Eloi Christ und Georg Sulzer) so that he can be alone with new girl Melanie (Lorna zu Solms).

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