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Genre: Family Entertainment

Original book author: Sabine Ludwig

Screenplay:  Gerrit Hermans

Director:  Sven Unterwaldt


Producer:  blue eyes Fiction

Co-producers: Karibufilm, MINI Film (AT), Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion, ARRI Media Productions

Distribution: Sony Pictures Entertainment Deutschland


Theatrical release: 17.12.2015


The story of 11-year-old Felix (Oskar Keymar), whom nobody believes he has “shrunk” the universally hated school principal Dr. Schmitt-Gössenwein (Anja Kling) to a height of just 15 centimetres. Even he does not know how it happened and whether it maybe has something to do with the ghost of the school’s founder. But he now has the problem on his hands or, more accurately, in his backpack, because that is where the mini-principal is now and she is still ranting and raving. Together with his friend Ella (Lina Hüesker) and against his rival Mario (Georg Sulzer) and the latter’s father (Justus Von Dohnanyi), Felix has to try everything to get her back to her normal size. If only she would just stop being so annoying!

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