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Genre: Fantasy, Family Entertainment

Original author: Katja Brandis.

Screenplay:  David Sandreuter.

Director:  Damian John Harper.


Producer:  blue eyes Fiction.

Co-producers: STUDIOCANAL, DOR FILM (AT), Filmvergnuegen (I), WS Filmproduktion.



Cinema release: 24.10.2024


At first glance, Carag looks like a normal boy, but behind his glowing eyes lies an incredible secret: Carag is a shapeshifter. He grew up in the wild as a mountain lion and now lives in the human world in his cub form.


It's only when Carag is accepted into Clearwater High, a secret boarding school for Woodwalkers like him, that he feels a sense of home. He quickly finds friends in Holly, a cheeky red squirrel, and Brandon, a shy bison. And Carag can really use that – because the world of the Woodwalkers is full of puzzles and dangers.

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