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The Chaos Sisters and Penguin Paul

Genre: Family Entertainment

Original author: Dagmar H. Mueller.​

Screenplay:  Korbinian Wandinger, Mike Marzuk.​

Director:  Mike Marzuk.

Producer:  blue eyes Fiction.

Co-producers: Karibufilm, Velvet Films(AT), Filmvergnuegen (I), MMC Fiction Köln, B.A. Produktion.

Rental: DCM Distribution GmbH.


Cinema release: 25.01.2024


Chaos has four names. Livi (Lilit Serger), Tessa (Momo Beier), Malea (Cara Vondey) and Kenny (Rona Regjepi). The sisters initially have nothing in common. Except the last name Martini. But that will soon change. The reason for this is Paul. A penguin. Paul is kidnapped from the zoo and ends up at the martinis via a detour. The Chaos Sisters find out that a magician duo is behind the kidnapping. They want to make the penguin part of their show and thereby get their stalled career in Las Vegas back on track.
The sisters realize that they have to stop this plan and bring the penguin back to his family at the zoo. Together with the neighbor boy DENIZ, they set off on an adventurous journey with a penguin by bike. Unaware that the MAGICIANS are already on their heels...
With now 10 volumes, the popular book series about the four “Chaos Sisters” with a sold circulation of over 270,000 copies has been offering great entertainment for young and old for many years. The first cinema adaptation has a top-class cast with Janine Kunze, Max Giermann and Denis Moschitto.

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