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Genre: Family Entertainment

Original book author: Sheridan Winn

Screenplay:  Hortense Ullrich

Director:  Sven Unterwaldt


Producer:  blue eyes Fiction

Co-producers: Dor Film, Filmvergnuegen, Potemkino, Buena Vista International Film Production,Pixomondo Studios, Story House Productions

Distribution: Buena Vista International


Theatrical release: 09.01.2020


4 sisters – 4 elements – 4 magic powers. The girls Flame (Laila Marie Noëlle Padotzke), Marina (Hedda Erlebach) and Flora (Lilith Julie Johna) each received a magical power on their 9th birthday. Now it is the turn of Sky (Leonore von Berg) – the youngest in the family. She receives the ability to command the element air. With her, the magical circle is complete and the powers of the young witches grow.

That does not go unnoticed in the world of magic and even the dark part of the family tree senses the difference: Aunt Glenda (Katja Riemann) . She tries to separate the girls with all means, to gain access to their home and make the magic source of their powers, a pixiedust fountain hidden in the cellar, her own!

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