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Genre: Family Entertainment

Original book author: KNISTER

Screenplay:  Gerrit Hermans

Co-author: KNISTER / Claudia Boysen

Director: Franziska Buch


Producer:  blue eyes Fiction

Co-producers: Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion / B.A. Produktion / Achte Babelsberg Film / Dor Film (AT) / Fido Film (SE)

Distribution: Sony Pictures (DE, AT) / Svensk Filmindustri–SF (SE)


Theatrical release: 16.02.2012


11 year old Pia (Jamie Bick) suffers from the loss of her father, till one day the cute but mysterious Yeti child YOKO appears in her treehouse. YOKO has resorted from the malicious big game hunter Thor van Sneider (Tobias Moretti), who accidently got hold of the small Yeti! Pia’s new companion impresses her with supernatural talents and a very particular sense of humour and steals himself into Pia’s wounded heart. But the small Yeti from the icy Himalayas struggles with our climate – the unusual heat and spectacular pursuits of Sneider drag all life energies from YOKO. He has to return to his home country immediately – but Sneider has different plans…

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